Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is your time worth?

"What is your time worth? Though it is often asked, I do not think this question answerable. It is the same as asking what your life is worth. And I can give it only the same nonanswer: it is worth whatever it means. the ideas that you cannot afford to raise a garden is based on the assumption that it means money, that if you are not receiving the top dollar for every minute of your life, you are suffering a "loss" - a doctrine that would not only put an end to gardens, but soon drive us all to theft or suicide."

Wendell Berry, from his essays
The Gift of Good Land.

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Anonymous said...

my time is worth nothing to everything, depending on my state of mind! I am so glad to have discovered gardening although to a much, much, much more amateurish and lazy fashion than you! it is wonderful! come visit and help me w/ my Swiss chard!

Shane, visit me at - Miriam